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スイッチを押すとき (2011)

スイッチを押すとき (2011)
スイッチを押すとき (2011) スイッチを押すとき (2011) 0 / 10 by 0 users
Title:When I Kill Myself
Original Title:スイッチを押すとき
Director:Ryô Nakajima
Writer: Yûsuke Yamada (based on the novel by), Takaya Okamoto
Release: 2011-09-17
Language: 日本語
Runtime: 110 min.
Genre: Thriller

 Production Company:
 Plot Keyword:human experiment, teen suicide
 Alternative Titles:
  • Suicchi o osu toki


Due to the high suicide rate among youths in Japan, the government implements experiments to uncover the causes behind the high suicide rate. Children are selected and placed in a YSC facility under constant surveillance. At the age of 10, the children are then give a detonator with a red switch. They are told if they press the switch they will die immediately. Most of the children under the experiment, eventually presses the switch and dies. Only six of them survive after 7 years, what will happen to them?
Warden Yohei Minami

Characters : Warden Yohei Minami

Actor : Keisuke Koide

Masami Takamiya

Characters : Masami Takamiya

Actor : Erena Mizusawa

Naoto Kosaka

Characters : Naoto Kosaka

Actor : Kazuma Sano

Hiro Ikeda

Characters : Hiro Ikeda

Actor : Shinjiro Atae

Aiko Tahara

Characters : Aiko Tahara

Actor : Rio Kanno

Warden Sakamoto

Characters : Warden Sakamoto

Actor : Seiji Fukushi

Yoko Kogure

Characters : Yoko Kogure

Actor : Sawa Suzuki

Koji Maruyama

Characters : Koji Maruyama

Actor : Tetsushi Tanaka

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